Blog / The Week of the JavaScript take over

Carl Whittaker
October 26, 2012


Make a DSL in JavaScript with tidy macros


A neat approach to reusable stand alone JS+CSS components from everyones favourite JavaScript hero.

Creating SVG vector graphics for maximum browser compatibility

Pixel density is now a thing and SVG is well supported in all major browsers. Give SVG a chance.


Create terminal like interfaces in a browser. Because… why not?

A novel, efficient approach to JavaScript loading

More videos of JSConfEU talks can be found here:

JavaScript: Function Invocation Patterns

Good to know.

Mozilla to give in on h.264

Imagine a world where we only have to encode video once.

@supports lands in webkit

Modernizr’s days are numbered


Asyncronous partials in node

Mozilla Event reference

Event soup

Opal - a Ruby to JavaScript compiler

Why not?

Responsive sausage dog

Just because

Matt P has found something questionable over on MSDN

Tri-state booleans

Ever heard of a tri-state boolean with 5 possible values, 3 of which are unsupported? I hadn’t until a few minutes ago. Details located at Another one to file under the sick-and-wrong category.

Here’s another link - this time one to file under the “impressive” folder:

How to Sort One Million 8-digit Numbers in 1MB of RAM

Andrew has been performing… sequel acrobatics

Renaming indexes in ActiveRecord:

One of the things I found which is available from Rails 3 is the rename_index method.

So if you have changed a column name which you are indexing on simply add the following to your migration

rename_index :table_name, 'old_name', 'new_name'

Please note: this may also work with symbols! I haven’t a clue!

Matt F has been mourning the passing of CEEFAX

Twefax has been consoling me in this dark, terrifying post-CEEFAX world. It’s built using Fork-A-Twitter-Client


Sadly needs some tlc. Any takers?

I think these are self-explanatory:

Fortran on a Mac


1962’s hottest game, running on a DEC PDP-1 emulator