Rollit - Google Chrome Experiments

Yet another experiment from the Chrome clan. This one makes use of mobile accelerometers and html5 technologies. Cool tricks!

Submitted by Andy M

The Airbnb Javascript Style Guide

I'm not a fan of style guides in general. They often have seemingly arbitrary "rules" in them with little or no explanation and that frustrates me. The argument that they are helpful for newbies doesn't ring true for me either as I think the best way to learn a language is to read other peoples code, not to write your own. Most code you want to read won't come from within your organisation and so it won't be following your style guide. Any newbies that only expect code written in one form are then hobbled when it comes to reading all external code.

Anyway, I'm not linking to this so I can rant about styleguides (well, maybe I am a wee bit). What I like about this style guide is that they actually make an effort to explain and give citations for their rules. Sometimes there are ways of writing code that express the same concept but are more performant when written one way vs. another. I wholeheartedly approve of this! Of course, they haven't (yet) done this for everything so I still disapprove of all the other sections without citations or explanations (even if I agree with the choice they express).

Submitted by Murray

CSS Rule Visualisation

A simple tool for visualising CSS rules and a given webpage.

Submitted by Andy M

Unreal Engine with ASM.js

WOW Submitted by Carl

It's a montage…♫ Yet another Javascript framework

From the blurb: Montage is an application framework powered by standard web technologies.

Montage simplifies the development of rich HTML5 applications by providing modular components, real-time two-way data binding, CommonJS dependency management, and many more conveniences.

Montage seems to have some nice data binding mechanisms and is built on top of Node js.

Submitted by Andy M

Richardson Maturity Model

We seem to be doing more around web services theses days. Martin Fowler explains Leonard Richardson's Restful Maturity Model.

Submitted by Richard S


Facebookstagram's attempt to reduce multi reflows inherent to non trivial client side rendering.

Discreet components are expressed as blocks of JSX (I threw up a little) and event handlers are bound therein. I'm not sure how this impacts event delegation but its a concern. Its worth a look and may play well with Backbone.

Heres a Quora post on the internals and of course the Angular folks were having none of it.

Submitted by Carl