Pleasing colours - Tom S

A JavaScript library to create aesthetically pleasing colours.

We Use That - Tom S

Read up about how startups start up. There are numerous interviews with the people behind frameworks like Meteor or applications like 1Password, describing their technology stack and software that they use to develop their systems.

Morphing Buttons - Tom S

A beautiful collection of morphing elements, using an acceptable amount of animation.

z - Alex B

Makes directory navigation super simple by learning from your cd commands

So once it has learnt from a couple of my cd changes I could do $ z ubxd and it would be the same as cd ~/Sites/ubxd_web

The grid in bootstrap - Ben J

This is a good guide about the grid for both bootstrap veterans and newbies.

Page weight - Jolyon

We are looking to decrease the page load time for a current project and I came across a good post The Complete Guide to Reducing Page Weight from a colleague. Towards the end Craig recommends the Pingdom tools, but note this url is not easily found on the their home page.