Ruby Manor 4.0 Videos - Murray

Ruby Manor 4.0 videos on Vimeo

I helped run the Ruby Manor 4.0 conference way back in April and we’ve finally released the videos of all the talks. I won’t bore you with why it took 7 months to get them out; but let’s just say I never want to see a JVC camera, miniDV tape, or cheap VGA frame grabber again. It was worth it though as there’s something for everyone in those 8 talks. Please do check them out!

Watson: An Inline issue manager for your Ruby/Rails apps - Lee

Watson takes Todo's, and comments in your rails app and displays them all in the command line as a list as well as creating issues for each one in your github repository.

Creative Commons 4.0 Released - Ben

Because sometimes we want to share stuff. The license picker is quite nice too.

Celluloid: Actor-based concurrent object framework for Ruby - Ben

Supports both blocking and non-blocking io, A webserver called reel has also been implemented on top of it.