We’ve turned 5!
The last five years have really flown by but I couldn’t let our fifth birthday go past without a bit of reflection!! We are in a really fantastic place as a company and I’ve got a lot of pride when I look back over what we have achieved.
When we started the company in 2005 with the idea of doing Agile the way it should be done, rather than simply using it as a buzzword to look at the cutting edge (which was very much my experience as a customer), all we really had was an idea.  For a long time the company ran out of my loft in SW London and we steadily grew to the point where we could justify having offices in Central London.  Incredibly we are now a 30 strong team of consultants and developers and are now opening an office in South Africa, which will have a team of eight (opening mid-May).
We’ve been able to work with some amazing clients, some of whom you can read about on the Portfolio page, but over the years we have worked with broadcasters, retailers, ecommerce specialists, financial institutions, insurance firms and charities.  Working with such a wide range of clients has made life at Unboxed Consulting very rewarding for our consultants and developers.
Our people are at the heart of our success and seeing how some of our developers have grown of the time they have been with us is fantastic.  Many of them are active in the developer community outside Unboxed Consulting and only recently one of our developers, James Darling, was listed as bubbling under, just outside Wired Magazine’s survey of “Britain’s Top 100 digital power brokers.”
We’re extremely excited about the next five years and can’t wait to look back on them knowing that things will turn out differently to how you expect – and that is half the fun!