Goodafternoon ladies and gentlemen,

it's Friday. You know what that means? Time for another exciting instalment of the Unboxed Developers Newsletter. If that isn't enough to get you excited, you are probably dead, non technical, or worse, both.

JS Testing - Murray

James Coglan is writing a book on Javascript testing. What makes this special is that James is the author of open source work like Faye and vault, talks like Writing a language in 15 minutes and articles like Callbacks are imperative, promises are functional. With that kind of pedigree, I expect the book to be brilliant, and you should too.

Changelog++ - Murray

It's been a long time since I was a pythonista, so I don't know if Requests is a good library, or if the 2.0 release was hotly anticipated. What I do know that I really like this changelog blog post by one of the contributors. It acts like a guide to the changelog for the release, each change is annotated so rather than just saying "feature X has changed" it gives us the rationale behind why the change was made. It's a real shame this is on an external blog rather than the official site, but I really like that it exists. I know documentation is often the hardest thing, but I do hope that more software projects find the time to do this sort of thing in the future.

SublimeGit - MattP

Sublime is a popular editor at Unboxed Consulting. We use git on every project. SublimeGit is a set of keybindings to fully integrate use of git into your editor.

Vim Versions - MattP

I'm a fan of vim, and I make no secret of that fact. So as I've given a link for an editor other than vim then I need to make up for that imbalance! Vim Versions is a plugin for SCM integration with support for git and subversion.

CSS Triangles - MattP

How do you make a triangle in pure CSS? Find out here.

Santoku - MattP

Heroku applications are deployed by pushing to a git remote. Why can't this technique be used to deploy to a chef server? Well, using santoku as an update hook, you can! There's not much too it; I wrote it last weekend when on a train journey to visit family. I've started using it here at Unboxed Consulting.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, you have earnt it ^_^

^..^< Lizard (and Carl)