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Online editor- Tom ten Thij

Pretty neat online html, css and js editor with sharing capability:

Fish! - Tom ten Thij

Animated css3 fish tank, (look ma, no javascript)

You can't JavaScript Under Pressure- Veronika

Do you 'thrive under pressure'? If so you'll have no problems beating my abysmal score of 14 minutes and 13 seconds. For extra credit, have someone breathe down your neck while you compete!

10x Engineer myth busting - Ben Wong

Dispelling the 10x developer myth

Making remote teams work - Sven

Two interesting posts on making remote teams work, what I think both posts miss on though, is the barrier that remote work represents to implementing high-velocity / high-productivity teams.

Periodic table with a twist - Lee Richmond

a rather nice Periodic table of HTML5 elements

Obligatory Infograph - Elisabeth Curson

Node.js has arrived:

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