Last week, a small team of us took part in the Introduction to Agile course, right here at Unboxed Consulting HQ.


Alex Bobin, Charlie Egan, [Paula Stepinska] (/people#paula-stepinska), [Oskar Pearson] (/people) and myself ([Graeme McCubbin] (/people#graeme-mccubbin)) all spent the day taking this internal version of the course, hosted by our very own Rakesh Patel (with Priyanka Sushil on camera duty!)


The day began with an insight into Agile terminology and exploring each different role to see how they all integrate together to make a truly Agile team. We were also taken through processes and methods of working in an Agile way.

The theoretical section was spread across the morning, then in the afternoon the LEGO was pulled out…

As a team, we were given a scenario that required us to work together to create a LEGO village:


Sounds straightforward, right?

Then the Agile aspect of the course came into play, with each LEGO feature presented with its own set criteria. We were then given just a few minutes to create all features which we took through to each sprint.

Cue the frantic build…




Five people, three sprints and a lot of acceptance criteria later, this is how our LEGO village looked:


Overall, I found the course to be great fun but also very insightful, the theory section really set up for the practical part. I also found the use of LEGO, and the scenario of a village, helped make the Agile process very clear by experiencing it in a practical situation.

A good day all 'round!