Charlie joined the Unboxed team in June as part of our summer internship programme, after completing his second year of studying Computer Science at the University of Aberdeen.

Having spent the last three months as a member of the team, he is now heading back to the bonnie wee hills of Scotland (not his words!). But before Charlie heads back, we wanted to find out how his summer here has been...


So having finished the summer internship programme, how have you found it overall?
I’ve been made very welcome this summer, and have come to feel very much part of the team here at Unboxed. I have, without a doubt, learned more this summer than I ever could have hoped to elsewhere. It’s been awe-inspiring, great fun and exhausting - all at the same time!

What were your highlights of spending the summer with us?
There have been so many highlights from my summer here; but I’d have to say the main highlights have been:

  • Being totally immersed in Rails and Agile every single day
  • Writing code, working in a team with a project and being given great responsibility, right from day one
  • Working with great mentors and pairing partners - it's a really fantastic way to learn and get stuck in
  • Attending the Brighton Ruby conference
  • Working as part of an Agile team on a client project
  • Digging much deeper into version control with git and finally experiencing real TDD
  • Tutoring at Codebar on Wednesday evenings

I’ve also loved having the chance to explore London on the weekends, something I’ll miss!

What initially made you apply to come to Unboxed?
At the University of Aberdeen there are introductory 'Web Application' courses of which Rails is a core part. Having never been exposed to MVC before I found Rails pretty tough and spent time trying to get to grips with it. In doing so I learned to love it. At the end of the second year course I was encouraged to apply to companies that had taken summer interns before. Unboxed was top of that list.

And finally, what are you taking away from your time here?
I'd like to think that I'm taking away a pretty solid understanding of the core technologies and techniques used here at Unboxed - something I hope to put to good use at university on our upcoming team software project. I'd like to think that elements of Rails, git & the Agile process will all be applicable. Based on my experience of this summer, looking forward, I'd very much like to keep working with Rails and hope to come back to Unboxed next year. I really have had a wonderful time here.

Charlie, it’s been a pleasure!