Jony Ive Redesigns Things Rob

WWDCXIII was pretty much all about the new iOS7 (a very nice write up on iOS7 can be read here:

So it seems it all started with redesigning iOS. Then Jony Ive couldn't stop and he keeps redesigning everything...

CSS Tube Map Rob

Someone actually took the time and rebuilt the London Tube Map in pure CSS3, definitely something you need to open up the Dev Inspector panel in Chrome and crawl through the source to see how to think in shapes.

Front-End Ops | Smashing Magazine Carl

A call for a new development role. Someone to fret over front end performance, builds and deployment? The number of hats a front ender has to wear continue to grow. Splitting the role sounds like a good idea for large applications.

McDonald's 100 Moments Rob

Quite an interesting microsite of McDonalds'. Full browser canvas app with some very neat transitions. A very nice example of optimised canvas rendering and sleek TweenLite animations, check it out!