You are not Google - David H

Some interesting thoughts on the value of using large scale components when they are not fit for purpose in your organisation.

The B2B Lead Generation Machine - Graeme M

In a bid to brush up my reading and head straight back to the drawing board, I've been reading Carrie's book about leading on business-to-business strategies. It's offers a number of really helpful, bitesized insights.

Track of the Week - Martyn E

I’m not sure why exactly but I’ve been listening to this album a lot lately. It’s cool enough for the kids (I can play it in the car) and interesting enough to keep me hooked. It sounds like London (although he grew up in Brighton apparently) and my 19 year old says he’s massively underrated so have a listen. Try “Revvin’” too - “Awkward leg, awkward elbow, back of the head, like boom!, bow!, put him to bed.”

Righteous - Ocean Wisdom ft. Rodney P, Roots Manuva)