Time-Management Strategies for writing a novel in a month - Oskar P


The RescueTime app people analysed how NaNoWriMo participants managed their time, and in this post explain what it takes to write a (short) novel in a month. In short: consistency, commitment, and focus. No real surprises there, but some other items such as a good start to the process also helped.

Getting female artists' work into galleries - [Celia C] (/people#celia-collins)


Let's get a more diverse set of artists in our galleries!

Meetings that don’t suck - Carrie B


Google Venture’s Ken Norton is the latest to come up with a guide to making meeting bum less hard. He takes the ‘minimise meetings’ approach alongside the ‘fewer people the better' mantra. The complete list (including emojis) is here.

😴 Kill the status meeting
👯‍♀️ Hold one-on-one meetings sacred
📅 Every meeting must have a single owner
📋 Share the purpose of the meeting and agenda ahead of time
👑 Your calendar doesn’t make you important
☔️ Calendars shouldn’t postpone decisions
👥 Keep meetings small
💸 Consider the opportunity cost of every meeting
🌳 Treat other people’s calendars as a scare resource
🚨 Escalate, don’t 🔪 undermine
⌛️ If the meeting is over, end the meeting
🔥 Declare calendar bankruptcy

Track of the Week - Tim H

As it is the day after pay pay, "Wages Day" by Deacon Blue seems pretty appropriate. Let's go out and spend all that hard earned money

Deacon Blue - Wages Day