Making a Mark: Visual Identity with Tom Geismar - Neil vB

A short but thoughtful podcast interview with a veteran graphic designer from the US who has made several well-known logos (shown on the podcast page) over his 60+ year career. He explains how he approaches making his logos relevant and meaningful, as well as effective on various formats including letterheads, newspapers and, more recently, smartphones.

From Grammarly to Patreon, view the culture codes from celebrity-status-new-world companies - Carrie B

Thirty-three internal slide decks expressing the core values, employer value proposition and culture codes of “companies the internet tells us we should be inspired by”. Maybe you want to see them to definitely NOT use the same approach and language. Either way - useful if you are interested in team and organisational culture.

WiFi in hotels - Murray S

I've never really thought about how wifi access points work, or how their fields interact. This article explains why the “obvious” layout for access points in hotels actually can cause terrible performance as the access points end up interfering with each other. Happily it also explains what a better layout is, so you'll be able to setup perfect WiFi in that hotel you're building.

Track of the Week - Boris D

It’s a classic! I just find myself listening to this whenever sun comes out in London. I guess, I’ve only been waiting for this moment to arise!

The Beatles - Blackbird