Types of User Research - Richard S


Our friend Markus Andrezak of Überproduct describes which types of research to use as one moves through the "Funnel of Understanding" from Exploration to Exploitation. (By Exploitation he means "exploitation of the idea" not "exploitation of the weak".)

Everyone loves GIFs - Murray S


Everyone loves GIFs, well everyone except people who pay the bandwidth to host them, and people who pay the bandwidth to download and view them. So I guess that means no-one loves GIFs (the file format), but everyone loves gifs (the animated joy). This article explains how Safari is starting to allow mp4 in img tags even though it's video, and shows the difference between in file sizes between a GIF and mp4. GIFs are dead, long live gifs.

Uncovering 2017's Largest Malvertising Operation - Elena T


How to win friends and influence people aka how to spread negative ads through ad-monetized websites. A tutorial.

The full-time job of keeping up with Kubernetes - Elena T


Describes the relentless pace at which Kubernetes updates have happened and are currently happening.

Snapshots From a Land of Endless Night - Elena T


We've been debating in the office about whether it's appropriate to turn on the lights in winter or just embrace the darkness and accept the lack of sunlight. This seemed like an appropriate article to share, seeing as it takes you through the life of people who don't have any other option but darkness.

Massively Multiplayer HTML 5 game - Elena T


Try to beat scores from aptly named competitors like "Skittles" or "your mother".

Track of the Week - Lawrence R

Ease your way into the weekend with this smooth number.

Rare Silk - Storm