Git client from Sublime - Elena T

I appreciate Sublime for coming out with this tool, and it looks like the only downside is that the dark theme is only available for the paid version (well played). Bonuses: no need to login, loads very fast.

How can you improve your Rails code readability using one tool - Piotr J

Really awesome gem which helps to structure complex Rails code. Currently it supports four concepts: form objects, commands, presenters and query objects.

What Most Remote Companies Don't Tell You About Remote Work - Elena T

Remote work poses unique mental health challenges because human beings aren't meant to work in isolation. This is doubly hard if you're a young person starting out in your career. This article explores the trappings of remote work and what people are doing to mitigate them.

Build impossible programs - Murray S

This talk from Julia Evans is about the process of writing her ruby profiler, rbspy. It's not a deeply technical talk about the code in the profiler (if you want that, go here instead), instead it's a talk about how Julia approached writing it. It nicely punctures the myths that you need to be an expert to try building things, or that someone else is already working on your idea so you shouldn't bother. I'd go even further and say that even if they are, that doesn't mean you wouldn't get anything out of it by doing it yourself.

The Hacking of America - Elena T

A historical frame to modern propaganda.

Track of the Week - Piotr J

After a short break for international games and UEFA Nations League, Premier League is finally back! So it’s perfect time for a song which probably every Premier League fan knows!

Kasabian - Fire