Introducing the StandardRB gem - Andrew W

As Ruby devs we all love to argue about syntax and rubocop helps to enforce the common set of rules that a team have agreed on. However for new devs that join a team it can be a frustrating period whilst you learn all of the rules of your team which are probably slightly different than the last set of rules you worked with.

To solve this enter StandardRB, a spiritual clone of StandardJS with a non-configurable set of rubocop rules that you can just pop in your Gemfile and then forget about. It's both opinionated by offering zero-config but more flexible by disabling some of the more contentious default rubocop rules. It's currently still not a 1.0 release so if you start using it then things may change but discussions are welcomed on the GitHub issue tracker.

What's new in Ruby 2.6 - Elena T

It's almost Christmas, so we're looking forward to a new release of Ruby. Check the link to see what's coming.

Stop only quoting men! - Celia C

The FT now has a tool that warns journalists if they've only quoted men as sources in their articles, encouraging them to look for expert women. They're also trying to use more pictures with women in them. I think this is brilliant.

Design Education’s Big Gap: Understanding the Role of Power - Holly B

A great argument for the benefit of having teams that have a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, it helps make the end experience for the user better. It highlights the importance of being aware of our own privileges and biases too.

Mindful Nation UK - report by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group - Holly B

Really interesting examples of how mindfulness can have positive impact in health, education, the workplace and the criminal justice system.

Equal Pay Day 2018 - Holly B

As of last Saturday, based on average UK salaries, women will work for free compared to men for the rest of the year. Here's some data visualisations of how pay is distributed in UK companies.

Track of the Week - Ben B

After the whirlwind of drama since that formidable day on the 23 June 2016, it seems like Brexit is actually finally happening. Oh well, at least it was a good ride.

Green Day – Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)