Ways to think about and do stand ups better - Carrie B


Choices, reflections, simple techniques - probably several worthwhile nuggets even for an experienced stander-upper.

Hex map of UK Parliament Petitions - Andrew W


Petitions are back in the news and our own map has been widely used but there's an alternative way of looking at things with a new hexagon map that helps to visualize actual numbers better by reducing the effect of large, sparsely populated constituencies.

Beyond Markdown - Andrew W


Markdown has been around for nearly 15 years now and there's a new proposal from one of the maintainers of CommonMark that it's time to remove some of the ambiguities with John Gruber's initial implementation. The ideas seem to be pretty sensible and should hope make parsers and renderers faster and easier to implement.

It is weirdly hard to steal Mark Zuckerberg's trash - Elena T


Privacy is hard, but apparently not when it comes to your own trash.

Track of the Week - Ben L

It’s a remix of Sia’s Elastic Heart by Clams Casino. I chose this specifically as I love the original, but this one is even better. I’m really into Clams Casino’s sound, just so chilled and summery. ☀️

Elastic Heart Remix - Clams Casino