Stackoverflow: Sunsetting Documentation - Charlie E

Just over a year ago Stack Exchange introduced 'Documentation' - a community-managed collection of documentation for programming topics. Soon it's going to be shutdown. I think this is likely for the best and that it's important for documentation to remain in control of project teams. This meta post is a write up about why they chose to do this and what's going to happen to the site now.

Hemingway Editor - Charlie E

I was reading through some old HN posts about blogs and writing them and this tool was shared in one of the comments. As you write into the app it checks for surplus adverbs and sentences with poor readability scores. A list of all the things is does are explained on it's help page.

direnv - Charlie E

I've been spending my side-project time playing around with Terraform and various AWS products. It's been useful to have different sets of credentials for different project directories. I'd implemented my own solution where I'd created a function to mask cd which would source a file in a directory (if it exists) when switching to it. I came up with some other magic to make it work in new terminal tabs but couldn't get something to work on Linux and OS X. I was listening to Go Time Ep. 50 yesterday and direnv was mentioned. Turns out that what I'd been hacking together is an 'Environment Loading System' and there are lots of them. Anyway, I've been using it for all of one day and it's been pretty handy.

Elon Musk's future, a TED talk - Tom S

Elon is boring. No, like actually boring. He's currently digging tunnels under LA while championing Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, Hyperloop, Neuralink, and probably others that we don't even know of yet. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds Elon absolutely fascinating, and it's hard not to get excited for his future. In this 40 minute talk, he shares his vision and why he's pushing all these industries forward. Spoilers; it's because he's not boring.

Researchers build a fax machine for viruses - Elena T

If you're an evil genius who's been dreaming about designing and building your very own virus strain, this is your chance!

Track of the Week - Vinul W

This track is dedicated to Chance the Rapper's grandmother and her personality. It's a truly feel good song, perfect for a Sunday morning.

Sunday Candy - Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment.