Sharing data design patterns - Lawrence R

There is a lot of change in the coming year around data protection and particularly giving consent for data to be used, not least as part of GDPR but as more users become data savvy and conscious of the variety of ways in which their data is collected. As a quick refresher here's a pretty comprehensive and beautiful catalogue of data sharing scenarios from Projects By If.

The dangers of usernames - Murray S

I really like these articles where someone goes extremely deep on all the potential edgecases and user-facing problems that you might have with an otherwise simple seeming problem. This time it's problems you may never have considered with usernames and unicode and uniqueness.

The Bayesian Trap - Ben W

A nice explanation of Baye's theorem and how to interpret the results of tests and experiments. I especially like the example used here about how you should interpret the results of a medical test.

Speeding up Ruby with Shared Strings - Elena T

Tenderlove hits back with an article about how he's been speeding up Ruby.

Picture of a Single Atom Wins Science Photo Contest - Elena T

A photo of a small bright dot representing a strontium atom trapped in an electric field. Quite cool.

Track of the Week - Martyn E

So much to enjoy about St. Vincent. Tempting to put a video of her live as she's quite the performer but the videos are always a bit special too. And she's done stuff with David Byrne!

St. Vincent - Los Ageless