Exploration of how citizens, technology and local government could work together - Holly B

An interesting way to explore what local government could look like if it made the most of technology and citizens to provide better connected, user-centred services.


Denmark is the least feminist nation in the world..? - Celia C

Despite being one of the best places in the world to be a woman (pay gap etc.) very few Danish women would consider themselves feminists.


Google plans to replace iframes with portals - Oskar P

Google's promoting a new html tag to replace iframes: . In doing so, they are hoping to reduce page load delay when using the web - reducing the gap in responsiveness between Single Page Applications and html. They have now made it available in Chrome Canary.

https://web.dev/hands-on-portals/ https://www.zdnet.com/article/google-launches-portals-a-new-web-page-navigation-system-for-chrome/

Track of the Week - Bukky Omotoso

This week we have a guest track of the week pick from Bukky, a developer at Hackney Council.

This classic song is from the last album (I think) by the group Souls Of Mischief. Their first album contained their classic song 93 ’Til Infinity.

Tour Stories - Souls of Mischief