What happens if you get teams to self select? - Carrie B


Nice piece about an experiment based on the belief that self-organizing into small, cross-functional team is the fastest and most efficient way to form stable teams and that people are at their happiest and most productive if they can choose what they work on and who they work with.

Streaming Data with Ruby Enumerators - David H


While not suitable for every case, the Enumerator class is something everyone should be aware of when trying to process large files or deal with streams of data.

A peak into people's everyday lives based on income - Leon O


I've spent countless hours exploring Dollar Street this week. A fascinating insight into people's lives. Dollar street is based on that idea that we all have the same basic needs. It's just that we can afford different solutions.

Where your house number is based on your income per month everyone lives on Dollar Street.

When platforms attack - Murray S


When a major service platform has a problem, it can be a stressful time if you happen to be using that platform. If you're not using you'd think it would be time to enjoy some delicious schadenfreude at the expense of all those people who called you an idiot for not using it. However, as this article shows, just because you don't directly use a platform it doesn't mean you won't be affected by it when it has problems if you have customers that do use it.

Track of the Week - Leon O

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