Embedding security in your process - Murray S


There's nothing in this article that particularly addresses why the tips only apply to agile, nor why agile can lead to lax security in the first place. That said, it's not really important, as the tips are all very useful. I can't think of any project I've worked on, using agile processes or not, that wouldn't have benefitted from applying any or all of these practices.

NASA will send a helicopter to Mars - Elena T


This is less exciting when you realize the helicopter is the size of a drone, but it will pilot itself so technically doesn't qualify as a drone. Anyway, exciting news for space exploration!

Resurrecting celebrities as holograms - Elena T


Even though the tech is from 1862, it's being reused in the 21st century to bring back celebrities in the form of holograms.

Being vegan is the best way to reduce your impact on the earth - Celia C


Everyone should be a vegan! I'm just vegetarian, but considering it after reading this.

Track of the Week - Celia C

Alexander Rybak made a comeback at this year’s Eurovision, but the song did much worse than his winning entry from 2009. So here’s his winning entry, it’s an absolute tune.

Alexander Rybak - Fairytale

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