Saying goodbye to websites - Murray S

This site is a collection of "I miss you" letters to websites that have gone away. We often think that "the web never forgets", but at the same time it's not hard to think of sites that have gone away. It's important to remember that these sites aren't just a step on the incredible journey of the startup founders, but they can mean a lot to the users. When you shut something down, it's worth thinking about how you do it, and what, if anything, you can leave as an artefact for those users. The gold standard to me, is what ThisIsMyJam did - a static archive of everything.

A tutorial introduction to Kubernetes - Elena T

Retrospectives - Richard S

Our Unboxed Cape Town alumni, Steve Barnett, has written a little on retrospectives. If you haven't done a retro in a while or were looking for a few fresh ideas have a quick read of Steve's article.

Track of the Week - Piotr J

Why did I choose it? Well, I moved to London 2 weeks ago and during this time, all the time, there’s beautiful weather, sun is shinning (yes, that’s true, ZERO rain), a perfect conditions to do something awesome in this beautiful city!

U2 - Beautiful Day