Ruby memory usage in a webserver - David H

An interesting post about how memory allocation inside a web-server, plus some useful ideas on how to best to reduce your memory footprint.

Boasting about how many hours you work is a sign of failure - Holly B

Jetbrains State of the Developer Ecosystem 2019 - Oskar Pearson

Jetbrains does an annual review of the developer ecosystem, and uses it to publish some interesting information about the market. I found reading it interesting, since diving into some of the detail gets me out of the "filter bubble". It's interesting how some of the most talked-about and supported languages have small amounts of adoption and only small increases in adoption (eg: rust). I'm also interested in how almost all languages seem to have people planning to adopt/migrate: even Perl.

Track of the Week - Graeme McCubbin

A bop

Kate Bush - Running up that hill