Ice Cube: Ruby Date Recurrence Library - Andrew W

If you've ever had to deal with repeating events in Ruby then you've probably had to bend your mind around all the complicated date/time maths. Throw multiple timezones in for good measure and then you'll soon be needing some aspirin and a lie down in a dark room. To the rescue is the Ice Cube library which deals with all the complicated stuff for you, has a nice fluent API for adding rules and can handle serializing to both YAML and ICAL for persisting rules to a database.

Dwarf fortress starting during apt-get upgrade - Charlie

This made me smile - just such an unexpected and unpredictable side effect of something seemingly completely unrelated.

Bash Manual - Charlie

After our developer tips and tricks event yesterday I found myself looking through the bash manual reading about .inputrc - turns out it's the config for readline, the library bash uses for reading input. While reading this I also found set -o vi which makes the bash prompt editing of the current command behave a little bit like vim. This needs to be in .bashrc but it also works in readline.zsh for those using zsh.

A history of internetworking - Murray S

This blog post about IPv4 vs IPv6 explains the history of internetworking and the series of compromises and hacks that got us into the situation we're in where IPv4 absolutely doesn't cut it, but IPv6 hasn't been adopted yet.

Track of the Week - Jakub N

For everyone who's going for a trip this long weekend!

The Passenger - Iggy Pop