Rethinking Ruby symbols - Murray S

This talk by Erik Michaels-Ober from 2015 is about symbols in ruby, and in it Erik suggests that these days they might be more confusing than they are useful. The talk proposes that in a future version of ruby a symbol like :foo and the string version "foo" should refer to the exact same object (e.g. their object_ids would be the same). I can't find a filmed version of the talk, so I'm sure some of the nuance and technical detail are missing, but it's an interesting idea and worth thinking about.

Developer roadmap - Celia C

This is a handy little guide to things you should learn about if you're relatively new to this whole coding game, whether you're interested in front-end, back-end, or dev-ops. And it's colourful!

Classic UI animations - Lawrence R

Not sure how accurate this list is, but I did enjoy the humorous tongue in cheek comments about UI animations of the past, particularly loading animations cheerfully reminding us of time slipping away.

Foldable TV from LG - Ben B

It's the year 2019. And yes, foldable TV's are now a thing. With the annual CES event in Las Vegas, we are introduced to breathtaking new technology from the tech titans and startups alike but this innovation from LG is truly one that amazes.

Track of the Week - Murray S

It's my last day at Unboxed this week after 9 years so I thought I'd look back to see what my favourite song was from 2009 when I joined Unboxed. The song itself is from 2006, but I only picked up on it in 2009; my finger is always on the pulse! It seems particularly fitting as I talk about filling my ears with Scottish indie-pop in the bio I wrote for Unboxed and this song is as pure a piece of Scottish indie-pop as I can imagine. Enjoy!

Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken