Incubation – or why 'sleeping on it' leads to better research insights

We're currently working on a discovery project, so this feels like a very relevant topic right now for me. It's so true, I would say from my own experience as well, the good insights come when you're not thinking about it, and taking time to allow your brain to process all the research you've been doing is really important.

To take the next step on digital, we dropped the word 'digital'

"RIP channels. More than this, it's now clear that the very idea of 'channels' is becoming outdated." This is something I definitely agree with, and it's interesting to read Citizen's Advice Bureau's take on it.

How to build a wall-mounted calendar with a Raspberry Pi - Elena T

If you've got nothing to do over the Christmas vacation, this might be a fun little project.

State of Javascript - 2018 - Elena T

I found this useful, since Javascript frameworks are constantly in flux.

Track of the Week - Matt T

This song was fed to my by Down Dog, a yoga app I use a lot. It's an uplifting song which now always reminds of transitioning from one pose to the next!

Today - Odesza