Outage.Report - Charlie E


This is a crowdsourced status page for hundreds of different services. Pretty good for things without a status page (e.g. AMEX & many video games) or when the status page itself goes down (AWS).

Building a working game of Tetris in Conway's game of life - Elena T


A Code Golf challenge to build a working Tetris game inside Conway's game of life.

Does serverless architecture make it easier to build things? - Murray S


I'm unsure what I think about serverless architecture, almost certainly because I've spent my entire career working out how to build things on servers with big frameworks. This article made me think about it in a different light; I've got all this knowledge about servers so I think server-based web application development is easy, but when I started all you needed was a cgi-bin script and you had a webapp. Serverless does seem to take us back to that simplicity and make it easier for people to build things. You never stop learning new things as a developer so I think it's time for me to unlearn a bunch of stuff so I can explore the serverless landscape properly. Caveat: the article is written by someone who works for a functions as a service startup so there's a certain bias to their opinions.

How EVE Players Pulled Off The Biggest Betrayal In Its History - Elena T


11th of Sept 2017 is known as Judgement Day for players of Eve Online. There's intrigue, drama and betrayal. A good Friday read.

wuzz - Charlie E


If you've been looking for a terminal replacement for ${DESKTOP_REST_CLIENT} this might be it. I've found that I still fall back to Paw sometimes but I'd really like to get by without it. The main feature I needed from Paw was being able to save & reload requests - looks like wuzz does this.

Track of the Week - Dawn T

Feeling inspired so I've chosen this goose-pimply number. Enjoy!

Jurassic Park - "Main Theme" (John Williams)