Is your DB ORM Making Your App Tardy? - Richard S

It's a quick read with lots of graphs but with a couple of useful reminders.
There's also a tldr; at

Rational overrides: designing experiences to influence behaviour - Boris D

Designers might find this counter-intuitive, but friction can benefit the user experience in certain cases. I find the notion of intentionally leading customers to switch from an instinctive mindset to a conscious mindset incredibly powerful for service interactions that require important decisions to be made. Well worth a read!

What's next after clean code? - Murray S

There's a lot that I agree with in this blog post about "Uncle" Bob and what benefit adhering to hist "Clean Code" principles gives us. Leaving aside arguments about separating the artist from the art it seems to me that "Clean Code" focuses on the wrong thing. "Clean code" is all about individual lines and units of code, but I've worked on several projects were every line and unit of code is arguably clean, but taken as a whole the system was ultimately unknowable. These days I think what I care about more is the context around the code, the whys and wherefores of how we got here, and how we can communicate that to the current and future teams that will work on it.

Why We Sleep - Matt T

It's rare that you read a book that hits you between the eyes with the realisation that you need to make an immediate lifestyle change. I've always thought of sleep as important, but dispensable, telling myself that it's far more important to pack as many hours into the day as possible and maximise its value, after all that's why we have coffee isn't it?

Wrong. Enough sleep (eight hours a night) is more important than I could have imagined and I've changed my alarm clock accordingly. You can't bank it and recoup it at the weekend, all phases of your sleep through the night are not equal and you'll get far more out of life by not short-circuiting what your body has evolved to need after 3.4 million years.

The book is a compelling read and I recommend it to everyone. It will improve your health and your quality of life.

Solid principles around you - Elena T

This article is pretty solid.

PostgreSQL Features You May Not Have Tried But Should - Elena T

I found it interesting to read that you can do pub/sub notifications directly in Postgres.

How to Cook Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs - Ben w

Peeling hard boiled eggs is a bit of a chore so I decided to put some effort in to make my life easier. As a bonus, the video also tells you why cooking eggs this way works.

Track of the Week - Matt T

I'll be in Ibiza next month ... this is getting me in mood sipping Sangria at sunset!

Xinobi - Far Away Place (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix)