Migrating a Rails Application to AWS Fargate - Oskar P


How Bloom & Wild migrated their Rails application to AWS Fargate, allowing them to scale up their infrastructure for peak periods. Covers the overall AWS architecture chosen, and how they handled Logging and container load monitoring.

Disclaimer: I did a bunch of the above work with Bernat

Ruby Quirks - Murray S


On this site Jan Lelis documents a bunch of quirks they've found with the ruby language. There are currently 66 of them, and while I've not read them all, I am already learning things I didn't know. For example, did you know you can use ruby as a replacement for sed, or even as a replacement for several other standard unix programs like mv, chmod, or touch.
There are also useful lists like the names of all the global variables ruby makes available to you, or all the standard library files with some alternative implementations. This site is a veritable treasure trove of quirky things to find out about this wonderful programming language.

What if Linus Torvalds got hit by a bus - Elena T


An empirical study on the effects of buses on Linus Torvalds.

Things I don't know as of 2018 - Elena T


A brave list of admissions on what people assume a regular developer knows.

Track of the Week - Celia C

It’s the most wrong and most right thing I think has ever happened.

David Guetta & Jason Derulo ft. Nicki Minaj - Goodbye