Developers mentoring other developers - Neil vB

This article includes suggestions for how to approach being a mentee and mentor as a software developer.

The author identifies three types of mentoring: short term on-boarding, informal, and formal mentoring. For more formal mentoring, the author outlines some tips including a living shared document of events, challenges and successes for the mentee. He suggests that the focus of mentoring should not necessarily be about solving immediate problems, but rather aiming to support others to be able to handle greater and greater challenges themselves.

Should a tennis player ever serve two first serves? - Celia C

In honour of the start of the US Open, here's some maths about when and why a tennis player should serve their first serve twice.

The story of us - Matt T

I'm a massive fan of Tim Urban's Wait But Why blog, where he picks a topic, does a ton of research into it, then summarises it in a digestible and engaging narrative.

It's been quiet for a long time, but this week he's started posting his latest mega-blog as a series of posts, which (I think) will span large scale societal issues in the context of evolution and neuroscience. I'm not sure where it'll go, or what conclusions he'll draw, but the first two posts have been typically entertaining and thought provoking.

Track of the Week - Celia C

Absolute tune

Juice - Lizzo