Pocket guide to writing SVG - Henry T


I recently needed to create some custom icons that were going to be displayed in a variety of sizes. Handrolling my own SVG wasn't as messy as I expected. It was also pleasantly liberating to not need a graphics package to make an image.

More advice on monoliths - Murray S


We hear a lot about how monolith applications are bad; hard to work with, too big for one person to understand, have unwieldy test suites that don't give feedback quickly enough. The list goes on. The popular solution to this is to use a microservices approach. Of course you solve one set or problems only to create another; detail of the system is lost to the network, dependencies between services mean deploying in lock-step, contract testing and end-to-end integration tests are complicated to orchestrate. The list goes on. Both approaches have upsides and downsides, and what works for one team won't work for another. This article suggests another way; structuring your monolith as if it is separate services, but keeping it all together. It also suggests a path for migrating from a monolith to a modular approach, advice I've found lacking in most articles about microservices and monoliths. It's unlikely I need to know how to make a brand new perfect application, but I do appreciate finding out how to make improvements to an existing application.

Dwitter - Henry T


Javascript canvas animations in 140 characters or less! Some of them are almost unbelievable. The animation loop (t is the time) and the canvas 2d context (x) are supplied, and there are a few aliases such as S() for Math.sin() to help keep the character count down. If you want to try one yourself, or view the source to see the setup try Dwitterish.

Problem vs Solution Interviews - Richard S


If you have drunk the LeanStartup Kool Aid you will already be familiar with Ash's work. We think this particular article translates well to UX Research. The interview templates make you at least think about separating out the user's problem from your solution.

Deepfakes - Elena T


How one guy got his wife on the Tonight Show. And how AI is making us trust online media less and less.

Track of the Week - Ben W

My favourite christmas ad.

Voices Nationwide: Flo & Joan on the post-Christmas Day lull

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