The Seven Levels of Delegation - Carrie B

Self-organising sounds great (obviously, not to everyone) but in practice, the gap between a manager letting go of control and a team successfully picking it up is daunting for most people so here is quite a nice Medium article about one way to do that using Management 3.0 (YES there is a book and YES there is a shop with stuff to buy, but STILL). The method highlights 7 clear/tangible 'settings' between total authority and total delegation).

Feature comparison of ack, ag, git-grep, GNU grep and ripgrep - Charlie

If you've not used a command-line search tool other than grep, 2018 is your year - but where to start? This handy guide will help you figure out the many differences introduced by ~reinventing~ re-imagining the wheel this many times over.

Noticing the little things (in Star Wars)- Murray S

I wouldn't like to say how many times I've watched Star Wars the detail revealed in this article about the trench run is something I've never noticed before. For me the article acted as a gentle reminder that it's always worth stepping back and evaluating your assumptions and checking that you've got the facts and details about something correct.

Making tab switching faster in Firefox with tab warming - Charlie

I suspect I might be the only Firefox torch-bearer here but if there are others; this is a very specific adjustment you can play with to make tabs for certain sites load a tiny bit faster.

Dude, you broke the future! - Elena T

A write-up of Charlie Stross's talk about the future, how it went wrong, how we didn't see it coming and what we can do to fix it.

Track of the Week - Tom S

Don’t listen to this until it’s Saturday.

Hiss Golden Messenger - Saturday's Song

Written by Elena Tanasoiu