Dealing with legacy technology - Martyn E

Everywhere in the public sector (and the private sector too), people understand the needs and have great ideas for new and innovative services but "legacy" technology frustrates any implementation of those ideas. Not many answers here (it's a discovery after all) but it's great that this is being seen as something people need help with - urgently!

Double splats in Ruby - David H

I did know this was a thing, and honestly don't know of any great use-cases for it, but it's been around since ruby 2.0 so someone must be using it.

Ruby's concurrency model - Murray S

Ruby is slow. Or maybe it's fast enough. Either way, it seems that one thing holding it back in the general case is that we're mostly IO bound, and our frameworks and APIs aren't really built to take advantage of that to let us do other stuff while we wait for IO. This article explores some work going into improving the concurrency model in ruby to take advantage of this situation. I'm hopeful that we'll see some of this go, if not into the ruby stdlib, at least into the mainstream as while Ruby might be fast enough, it could always be faster enougher.

The Psychology of Money - Elena T

I think about this a lot, because I've grown in a household where every penny was used for something useful or meaningful, rather than fun or entertaining.

I'm still not sure either option would be the one I would take, but it's interesting to see this contrast and how you consistently behave will determine whether you are successful or not, moreso than your starting point.

London's heartbeat - Elena T

This map is amazing, I've spent some time just staring at it.

Track of the Week - Ben W

I haven’t been coding this week, so not a lot of music for me. I have however, been playing battletech.

BATTLETECH - Intro Cinematic

Written by Elena Tanasoiu