SCP-3008 Game - Charlie

This came up on Hacker News. TIL that there is a fictional organisation called the SCP Foundation. There is also a creative writing website ( based on it's activities. One story, SCP-3008, is about a world set in an endless IKEA-type store. It turns out that someone's made this particular storyline into a video game where you have to "Barricade yourself with furniture, battle the staff and survive as many days as you can".

Why Gets You Root - Elena T

A breakdown of the major authentication flaw which was discovered in macOS High Sierra this week.

AWS Fargate - Charlie

There were so many cool things announced at AWS reinvent this week; native Go on Lambda, EKS, Amazon Neptune - the list goes on. I think Fargate is the most link worthy for me. From what I can tell it's something like, where you pay for the running of containers directly, but on AWS. I've used Hyper in the past to run recurring tasks and simple scraping jobs so I'm looking forward to play around with Fargate for comparison.

Write your next ethereum contract in Pyramid Scheme - Elena T

A surprisingly well written article about how to get into bitcoin using functional programming, but with a very healthy amount of trolling added on top. The article walks you through implementing an ethereum contract using Pyramid, which is a dialect of the Scheme programming language. Underneath, Pyramid is built using the Racket library. At the end of the series, the author uses Pyramid to accept pre-orders for his next book.

AWS Cloud9 - Charlie

One more AWS thing. Cloud9 was cool before Amazon bought it but cloud developer environments have been on my mind recently. I built a development image using packer and experimented running GCP instances for development with mixed results. Cloud9 is a browser IDE that you can now back with an EC2 instance - the best feature is that it auto-sleeps after 30 mins of inactivity to save money.

Track of the Week - Matt T

A nice uplifting summer song which makes me wish I was on a beach sipping margaritas.

Odd Parents -- Learning To Fly Maceo's Flight Home Mix