A systems view of health and transformation - Boris D


A useful list of systems thinking tools and approaches. Although this is focussed on healthcare and wellbeing, it is very relevant to design and change in any complex environment. References Fritjof Capra, Donella Meadows, Otto Scharmer and other luminaries of systems thinking.

Tackling the hard problems: naming things - Murray S


They say one of the hardest problems you'll encounter while programming is naming things correctly. This article, by Bob Nystrom explores some rules we can apply when naming things to avoid creating names that are too long. I know I'm guilty of using overly verbose names when I can't think up something brief so I'm grateful for anything that helps me express my ideas more clearly to whomever reads my code next.

Fjord Trends Report 2017 - Boris D


An in-depth look at the most important developments likely to influence and impact design and innovation for business, government and society in the coming year. Fjord has been producing these reports every year since 2008 and this is one is beautifully designed as well as relevant. Makes me think how we could present some of our own insights in a similar way!

35 Innovators Under 35 2017 - Vinul W


MIT technology review just released their 35 Innovators Under 35 list. This is a annual release of some of the leading young inventors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, humanitarians and pioneers. The people on the list are working on projects ranging from the development of artificial intelligence and safety concerns that arise with it to creating new biodegradable heart valves to reduce the need for repetitive heart surgeries.

AWS SAM Local - Andrew W


Serverless is the latest trend in web development but one of the biggest problems of debugging your code with AWS Lambda is that you're constantly having to update the function and generating test events from the various AWS services. However help is at hand with the new SAM local (Serverless Application Model) now in public beta. It needs more service support for event source template generation to be really useful but I'm sure that will come.

Track of the Week - Chris H

I've enjoyed listening to a few chillout jazz playlists over the last couple of weeks, that combined with a few colleagues being off sick this week makes this feel like an apt choice.

Fever - Peggy Lee

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