A better approach to transforming healthcare systems - Martyn E


An argument against large strategic programmes to transform healthcare systems. I couldn't have said this better myself - "Rather than trying to solve all the problems with a single implementation, tackle the most urgent problem and then build on that success. Remove the pressures of delivering large, cumbersome programmes, and show people what good looks like, and they will be inspired to do the same, or more.

How I became Leonardo da Vinci on the Blockchain - Elena T


On the state of verification on the bitcoin blockchain.

Aynchronous Ruby - Elena T


A Ruby gem that uses the reactor pattern to implement co-routines (aka "fibers") for concurrent execution.

Designing a GraphQL API - Andrew W


GraphQL is a hot topic in Ruby but a lot of the focus is on consuming existing APIs - what about if you have to create an API for your application? Well this tutorial created by Scott Walkinshaw at Shopify sets out a set of ground rules to follow and how to avoid some of the pitfalls that Shopify made when designing their API.

Ruby's External Malloc Problem - Elena T


A source of memory bloat in Ruby triggered by the PG gem is gaining new interest.

What your git commits say about your repo - Murray S


In this article, Simon Coffey describes what he found out after doing some analysis of the commit messages on the repository at his work. The long tail is, as ever, where it gets interesting.

Track of the Week - Lawrence R

It's my track of the week!

Ascension – The Comet Is Coming