GTA V Graphics Study - Charlie

Saw this mentioned in the comments to a similar, more recent write up for unreal. This explains the surprisingly many things that an engine must do to build up an apparently simple video game scene. Lots of nice pictures explaining the process along the way.

Festo's Fantastical Flying Robots - Elena T

A really cool presentation of some rare flying robots with unusual design. Quite fun to watch.

Frontend doesn't mean Javascript - Murray S

A while back I was involved in hiring for frontend developers and I was pretty sad when we got lots of applicants who were really Javascript developers that didn't really know CSS or HTML or any other parts of the web platform. There are so many things to know in developing for the web that it seems a shame we put so much cachet in JS, but not in CSS or browser performance, or accessibility, or any of the other things that help us make our sites work well for all users. Turns out I'm not the only one that feels this way.

Track of the Week - Graeme M

I came across this song on a YouTube trawl, which I originally thought was a parody (I'm still not sure if it is or not…). The 80's throwback makes it a pleasant little number.

Client Liaison - A Foreign Affair ft. Tina Arena