Github Incident Post Mortem - Elena T

Excellent write-up of the great Github blackout of the 21st-22nd of October.

How a month without computers changed me - Elena T

I've often had the feeling that time spent online expands like a gas, filling my entire life unless I add limitations to it. This article describes a full detox, which I'm not really inclined to undertake because of the logistics it would involve. However, the article does offer some healthy conclusions.

Toodles: Project management directly from the TODO's in your codebase - Andrew W

Leverage TODO comments in your code for simple project management.

Redis launches streams - Elena T

Redis 5 has launched and it contains something that's kinda cool: a new data type called Redis streams. This allows you to playback data streams, which means you can keep track of what data has passed through Redis, similar to a unified log. Neat! The link has a more detailed explanation of how all this works.

Track of the Week - Alya H

Some indiepop to welcome in the weekend. Teleman are taking up a lot of my listening time at the minute, and the synthy goodness of this tune feels just right for a Friday.

Teleman - Family of Aliens