How GDPR Will Change The Way You Develop - Elena T

An introduction to how to adhere to the European data protection rules.

A techies rough guide to GDPR - Henry T

The shortest GDPR article I could find with a technical focus.

How to use setup your Yubikey as a Smartcard - Elena T

A step by step guide of how to setup your Yubikey as a Smartcard for storing GPG encryption and signing keys, as well as for ssh authentication.

Jerry and Marge go large - Elena T

A nice read about a person who figured out how to game the lottery system.

Can you trust any third-party assets? - Murray S

A week or so ago there was an article suggesting that a specially crafted CSS file could act as a keylogger for passwords. This article is a partial rebuttal of that specific attack (it really only worked against frameworks that actually put data in the value attribute of a password field, which browsers don't usually do by default), but it goes on to explain that there are many things that CSS can do that are potential attack vectors that don't rely on keylogging or frameworks doing something unusual. It comes down to wether or not you can trust any CSS (or other assets) that you didn't create yourself. You can probably trust the CSS from a social media embed from a well known site, but you almost certainly can't (or shouldn't) trust the random chunks of CSS that might get included by an ad network.

Why Did The FDA Ban Antibacterial Soap? - Ben W

This one has a nice description of how soap actually works.

Track of the Week - Dawn T

Having just walked up a mountain this morning in the Lake District in snow with the wind wailing around us I’m thinking about this song a lot. We were not defeated by the Beast from the East!

Crowded House - Weather With You