Fast JSON API serialization with Ruby on Rails - Andrew W

Personally I've always preferred jBuilder templates over Active Model Serializers but the performance gains from this new gem from the team at NetFlix is probably going make me a convert.

If Birds Left Tracks in the Sky, They'd Look Like This - Tom S

The title says it all, but in particular, the Starlings photo remind me of the machine war - Battle of Zion - from in the Matrix

Terraforming 1Password - Charlie E

I think Terraform's awesome, I'm also massively wedded to my 1Password accounts so it was nice to have all my favorite things brought together in this enjoyable blog post. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple their architecture was too.

This is Service Design doing - Boris D

A follow up to a service design classic, the book that recently came out is accompanied by a website with a collection of service design methods available as a free download! We've also just received a copy of the book itself, which I very much look forward to reading in the following days.

Easy to learn programming language for the Nintendo Switch - Elena T

It's becoming more apparent that the Nintendo Switch is here to stay. Even more so now that Nintendo have announced they're looking to extend the life of a Switch to 6 years. It's a promising new area and it's great to see new tools being developed for it. If you're curious about how to start developing for the Switch, there's a new language coming out in the second quarter of 2018 called Fuze. Seems to be packed with awesome features to help you setup your own game.

JS things I never knew existed - Elena T

Did you know you can name for loops in Javascript and then refer back to them? I didn't. This article has fun examples of obscure things you can do in JS. Dazzle your friends with your new found JS party tricks.

Track of the week - Elena T

Welcome the weekend with a feel good song! I've been humming this for a couple of days.

Angel City Chorale - Africa