Things are a'changin' - Matt T

I've been thinking a lot recently about how our lives are going to be changed by emerging exponential industries and this summary captures a lot of what I've been pondering. Exciting times ahead!

Best books of 2017 so far - Elena T

A generous list of the best books in 2017 that have been published until today, which you can look through by genre as well.

Nissan Leaf to introduce one pedal driving - James C

Because EV drivers don't need brakes, they can use the regen to slow them down! ;)

How work changed to make us all passionate quitters - Elena T

As opposed to the socialist principles of putting the good of the group first and having a centralised planning for an economy, capitalism has changed people's attitude toward work by making them turn themselves into marketable assets, looking for individual success.

Spiel des Jahres 2017 winners - Charlie E

This might be of interest to board game night attendees. I didn't know this was a thing but it seems there are annual board game awards; this is the list of 2017 winners but it goes way back. There was also a long HN discussion where lots of other games are mentioned. Perhaps time to arrange another unboxed board game night?

How a VC-funded company is undermining the open-source community - Elena T

A San Francisco startup called Kite has taken over two open source projects and has started implementing changes that are self-serving, undermining the spirit of opensource.

Track of the Week - Dennis T

Feel good song because it's Friday.

Best day of my life - American Authors