cURL and wget command line tools - Neil vB

This article gives a short overview of two command line tools for downloading files and making requests. I wanted to update a bash script in a Heroku buildpack that used curl recently. (In doing so I learnt about another curl flag: -s for silent mode.) I've only used curl before, typically for testing API calls. It seems that wget is simpler and can be useful if you want to download a file without needing to look up flags, or if you want to fetch a whole directory of files.

Techniques For Dealing with Frustration In Development Neil vB

This video (the main content of which starts at 2m45) is a discussion between a developer and an educational psychologist. I can feel some degree of "dev rage" at times so it was reassuring to hear someone else's honest description of their experience of it, too. There's some tips in this video for how to deal with those coding "mind loops" that can drain and frustrate us, including greater awareness of what your own triggers are for when you're getting stressed.

Track of the Week - Holly B

Off the top of my head, it would have to be Atomic by Blondie

Blondie - Atomic