9 Biggest Mistakes with CSS Grid - Tom S


A 14 minute video about CSS grid, and not just about the typical mistakes that are made. It's worth the watch regardless of whether you know/use grid or not.

Long term effects of global warming - Elena T


It's good to know what we're in for. For more in-depth reading I recommend this as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Antarctic_Ice_Sheet

The Rockstar Programming Language Specification - Ben W


Rockstar is designed for creating computer programs that are also song lyrics, and is heavily influenced by the lyrical conventions of 1980s hard rock and power ballads.

... poetic literals allow the programmer to simultaneously initialize a variable and express their innermost angst.

Imaginary problems, the root of bad software - Elena T


The psychology of devs who wind up solving imaginary problems.

Chogue - Murray S


Do you like Chess? Do you like Rougelikes? If you can answer "yes" to either of these (and maybe even if you can't) then this game is for you.

How Docker images work: Union file system for dummies - Elena T


An accessible explanation on how union file systems work.

The power of doing nothing at all - Boris D


We've grown to subconsciously measure a person's worth based off how many hours they work, how much is on their plate and put simply — whether or not they are running around like a chicken with their head cut off. It's time to rethink that! Give your brain space to think by stepping away from the daily grind and doing nothing. Your mind will have time to stumble upon new ideas and further process old ones.

Error Mining - Richard S


Are you old skool and still think that no testing should be done in production? What about unknown-unknowns?

Track of the Week - Andrew W

A bit of Kraftwerk in honour of the closing stages of the Tour de France this weekend. Today's stage 19 is the last chance for other teams to prevent Sky from winning again and with three huge mountains to climb and a fast descent to the finish there's lots of opportunities.

Kraftwerk - Tour De France