The cost of distraction for coders and other humans - Carrie B

I'm not a software developer so I'm just guessin' but I would think that the struggle to do deep, complex work in an very interrupty environment, like most workplaces, is killing productivity for more than just software engineers. Beyond the a) the actual wasted interruption time or b) the wasted context switching time there is the c) the wasted 'what's the point in even starting something meaty' time. That said, I'm pretty interested in that chisel sharpening tutorial....

The GDPR hall of shame - Elena T

Happy GDPR day! This is a lovely article about how GDPR became bigger than Beyonce. And some examples of how not to do GDPR, like turning off people lightbulbs or blocking Europeans entirely from your platform.

PacVim – A CLI Game To Learn Vim Commands - Elena T

Learning VIM through gamification

Track of the Week - Tom S

It's the latest song that I've added to my "Feelin' fresh" playlist on Spotify. (Un)fortauntely there's not a related story that I can ramble on about.

Tom Francis - Upon these stones