Why Portability is Not the Same Thing as Compatibility - Charlie E


This article has a good discussion about container image / container host compatibility as well as a good list of questions you might want to consider when running things in containers on virtual machines.

Your smartphone makes you dumb - Elena T


A veritable study on the effects of merely knowing your smartphone is within your immediate vicinity. The study claims that knowing we have our smartphone nearby makes us allocate "Working Memory" in case we need to pay attention to it.

A primer on blockchain - Elena T


A nice short video explanation of what a blockchain is and how it's formed.

Design+AI: exploring agency, language, and creativity - Boris D


Interesting thoughts on how design needs to adapt in the age of AI. How can designer better understand the basics of AI? How does the design process need to change to design for AI? How can we use AI to enable human agency and creativity?

An oral history on Crash Bandicoot - Elena T


A tale of how Crash Bandicoot was created and how it redefined the platformer genre.

Track of the Week - Tom S

We recently watched Moana and this was one of my favourite songs (of many) from this film. It's worth watching if you've yet to see it!

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa'i - We Know The Way (From "Moana")