A neural network that transforms a screenshot into a static website - Charlie


I'd wanted to try this out before posting it as part of the links round up but haven't had the time. I thought this looked like an interesting project for designers and developers alike. As someone that dislikes the work in implementing designs; I'm interested in things that might one day make that problem a thing of the past. I suspect that it doesn't created the nicest markup but as a proof of concept it looks pretty interesting.

Introducing Fir, the Friendly, Interactive Ruby REPL - Charlie


I don't use fish-shell but thought this looked like a pretty good effort to bring some of that autocompletion magic to an IRB-like environment using the irb history file.

Woman Makes Kimchi From Scratch - Ben


It's beautiful, you should watch it, kimchi is tasty.

Track of the week - Graeme M

Thanks to Apple Music's Favourite Mix, this gem made a comeback into my life this week. Glorious.

Ace of Base - All That She Wants