Ascii Diagram Tool - Murray S

I recently wanted to draw a diagram to help illustrate the details of a story I was working on. I wanted to include the diagram in my comment, rather than attach it as an image so I thought I would do it as ascii. The diagram turned out to be quite complex and beyond my threshold for faffing about with punctuation to draw it properly. Luckily asciiflow was only a google away and so I used that.

Cooling the tube - Henry T

Be warned - this isn't a metaphor. It's about the challenges involved with cooling the London Underground. Considering the weather it feels like a good week to be thinking about this.

Google Maps now covers Mars and the Moon! - James C,-40.5235811,9528848m/data=!3m1!1e3

I always knew this day would come. It seemed like an obvious direction for Google Maps/Earth to head in. You can now explore the Moon and Mars from Google Maps! Frickin' awesome!

Newquay, Cornwall might have the UK's first SPACEPORT - James C

The Queen spoke about the UKs 'Space Industry Bill' in her latest speech and apparently Newquay in Cornwall is the ideal candidate for the UK's first spaceport.

Unlocking Ruby Keywords: Begin, End, Ensure, Rescue - James C

Although this might be very basic Ruby for some, I actually found this article very helpful. Sometimes it's good to go back to the basics.

One pattern I've been desperately in need of and didn't realise I could do until now is:

ruby @foo ||= begin Foo.create(foo_attrs) end

Luna - Crystal

An interesting new "language" which seems like a mix and match from various languages. I'm yet to try it but I'm curious to see if/how it takes off, and who uses it.

Track of the Week - Martyn E

This is a track by my friend Sean O'Hagan and his band The High Llamas. It's the title track from a performance piece based on conversations overheard in Peckham Square and it's a fine example of Sean's genius.

The High Llamas - Here Come the Rattling Trees