The Arctic Circle - Lawrence R

The arctic circle is a 2 week residential program that invites artists and scientists to travel around the arctic in a boat, fostering collaboration between the two disciplines. The trip culminates at the the Svalbard peninsula – home to a former Russian mining camp. The gallery page is awesome. I want to go

How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutes - Elena T

Just goes to show, this can happen to anyone.

Where VIM came from - Elena T

I got a real kick out of this history rich article about Vim.

Track of the Week - Murray S

I can't remember which friend (or algorithm) recommended that I listen to The Jezabels, but I'm glad they (or it) did. This song isn't particularly summery, despite the title, but as the weather seems to finally have turned a bit, that's no bad thing if you ask me. Just sit back and let the fuzzy guitars wash over you.

The Jezabels - Endless Summer