Interview with Dame Kelly Holmes - Celia C

This is a really great interview with Kelly Holmes, it almost made me cry when I read it. I can't wait to listen to her podcast about mental health.

Content warning - article talks about suicide, depression, and self-harm.

A Deep-ish Dive Into why Ruby Uses Lots Of Ram - Oskar P

This article is a fascinating look into why Ruby applications use lots of memory. In short, it’s mostly a side effect of the underlying OS memory allocator. There are some possibilities for dramatically reducing memory usage in future ruby versions. Or, with some judicious testing, today - by using some environment variables.

Why do people eat the same lunch every day? - Holly B

I've had a few conversations with Unboxeders about eating the same lunch every day, and I'm glad to know that we aren't the only ones interested in it as a phenomenon. I also brought the same packed lunch every day that I was at school...

Track of the Week - Henry T

I know we had Teleman recently.. but it's good:

Teleman - Song For A Seagull